Services - Roof Painting

Our team can turn a faded, worn-out roof into one that looks as good or better then a brand new roof. Whether it's a residential roof, commercial roof or body corporate. We follow a certain step process to ensure only the best finish for your roof, so you can feel safe in the knowledge the job was done right.

You can choose from an extensive colour range with expert advice on hand to help you select the best paint to protect and enhance your roofing surface.

Roof painting

Roof painting - Residential, commercial or body corporate

Roof painting has gained huge popularity recently in the battle against roof damage. Many roof repairers have adopted painting as an efficient way of maintaining and repairing minor roof damages. If a metal roof needs repair, than a good choice is to have a topcoat painted over any repairs to offer better protection from the elements.

Our company provides each of its employees with climbing equipment to ensure their safety and do the work according to the rules of the art.

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What we offer

  • Exterior Painting Aluminum
  • Exterior Painting Vinyl
  • Exterior Painting Stucco
  • Exterior Painting Aggregate
  • Exterior Painting Brick
  • Exterior Painting Wood
  • Exterior Painting Door
  • Exterior Painting Ancestral House
  • Exterior painting Spray
  • Repair Exterior Coated Acrylic
  • Painting on Wrought Iron and Metal
  • Interior Painting Faux Finish
  • Installation of Tapestry
  • Shooter of Joints
  • Roof Painting
  • Painting of cornice
  • Exterior Patio Stain
  • Exterior Patio Paint

Un Peintre Pro

We offer a large array of services to meet your needs. We develop a detailed plan to get your project completed in the appropriate time frame. We provide accurate pricing and detailed proposals. Our painting contractors are fully insured and have received safety training. Our expert painters are equipped to handle several project simultaneously and different types of jobs.


The painter are often the last workers on a construction site. Depending on the job requirements or the size of the job involved, the painter or the project manager will have the painting crew ensure all details have been taken care of. Precision and attention to details, including cleanliness and discretion are important parts of the organization.