Specialty - Repair of Walls

A hole in a home's wall is a blemish in the decor in much the same way that a dent in the fender spoils the finish of a new car. There are many types of small drywall damage from dents with a hammer, and holes while hanging pictures, to punctures caused by rough-housing children. Fixing wall damage just takes a few simple tools, inexpensive materials and a little patience.

Small holes in drywall can be quickly fixed with wood putty or a bit of spackle. On the other hand, large holes require replacing the damage with a new piece of wall.

Our Specialty - Repair of Walls

Our Specialty - Repair of Walls

Un Peintre Pro painters use the joint compound or wood filler to hide screw heads as well as large holes in mouldings and baseboards left by finishing nails. Spackle is used for repairing drywall.

Wood filler is generally weather-resistant, does not contract, is available in an assortment of colours (depending on the brand) and may be sanded and painted. This can be very convenient when there are many small holes to fill. In addition wood filler can be easily applied by our painters.

If the surface surrounding the hole is cracked or pieces of the wallboard appear to be loose (broken but held in place by the wallboard paper), we will have to use a peel-and-stick repair patch to cover the damaged area.

Putty sticks, also available in a variety of colours, are a good choice for patching small holes in woodwork. We apply the putty by simply rubbing the stick back and forth over the hole.

Once the repair job is done, we paint the entire walls to better conceal the repairs.

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The painter are often the last workers on a construction site. Depending on the job requirements or the size of the job involved, the painter or the project manager will have the painting crew ensure all details have been taken care of. Precision and attention to details, including cleanliness and discretion are important parts of the organization.